Sarah Beth Terry

Singer/Songwriter Sarah Beth Terry is whip smart, slap-your-grandma funny, completely fearless, unabashedly uninhibited and extraordinarily talented. Born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, far enough out in the country that they couldn’t get cable, Sarah Beth began writing poems and lyrics at a very early age. Her Mother, a gifted poet, would send her outside with an egg timer and a pad of paper, and challenge her to write something, leaving Sarah Beth with an exceptionally adroit, clever way with words.

Sarah Beth left Kentucky at twenty-one with a thick accent, quick wit and dreams of making music. She made several trips to Nashville and reconnected with Jake Bonner, an old acquaintance from Kentucky, now a career military man. The two were married and soon moved to Fort Polk, Louisiana. It was there that Sarah Beth opened up a Music Studio offering instruction for aspiring artists, songwriters and musicians. The school was so successful, with up to 400 students, that when Jake got stationed in Italy for two years, she stayed in Louisiana to run it. Eventually, she trained her brother Dylan to take over the business -- which he continues to run -- in order to focus on her songwriting.

Crediting songwriter/musician/producer Bobby Terry (no relation) and artist/songwriter Anthony Smith with teaching her to formulate songs, she is reverential about Smith’s album, If That Ain't Country (produced and engineered by Bobby Terry) and claims that it was an important turning point for her as a songwriter.

Ironically, Sarah Beth currently has an exclusive agreement with Bobby’s publishing company, Three Hounds Music, and her first cut is a song she wrote with Anthony: “I Hate the Taste of Whiskey”.

She has built-up an extensive song catalog because she is always writing. “It’s an ongoing dialogue,” she explains. “It’s like a storm front, you can feel it building and once it hits there’s no stopping it.” Music isn't just what she does. It's who she is. “It’s the era of the songwriter,” says Sarah Beth “and I’m finally on the playing field!”

Sarah Beth accidently stumbled upon her perfect writer retreat when she and Jake stopped for gas in the little town of Munfordville, KY. -- conveniently located in between Nashville and Ft. Knox -- and fell madly in love with a log cabin home that they rented that day. She writes on her front porch, early in the morning till late at night and the songs continue to flow. “I ended up where I started,” says the self-branded “Queen Bee,” “and it’s right where I need to be.”