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written by Sarah Beth Terry


He’s a man of few words

He’s a Little boy lost

He’s a sweet talking devil

Bring you up to his level

He’s a rebel without a cause

He’s as red as the clay

He’s as tall as the corn

Hot around the collar

Running up and down the holler

had a bottle since he was born

Has no one told you but the mountain man

A living legend on this piece of land

In his shadow all the weaker stand in disbelief

There must be something in the Station Camp Creek

That breeds the boys that make my knees go weak

Have you heard about the mountain man

Cause the mountain man belongs to me

With a wink of his eye

And a hint of a grin

Draws me in like a magnet

Hard as iron and agate 

and I burn like coal for him

He’s a Fort Knox vault

He’s a one way street

He’s a colt in your stable

He’s the Tower of Babel

And he likes his whiskey neat 

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