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Written by Sarah Beth Terry 

& Grace Harrison


Got the shoes got the purse got the outfit

Think you got it all together but you’re batshit

Crazy, poor baby, give it up

Wear the hair,  wear the stare and the perfume

Lady on the street and a freak in the bedroom

Girlfriend, I’ll tell you something

You’re gonna try

You’re gonna fail

You’re gonna cry when he decides to bail

Cause you’re

Never gonna do it like me

You’re gonna fight

He’s gonna win

Knock you out the next round again

Cause you’re never gonna do it like me

No you’re never gonna do it like me

See you’ve got his hand, got his ring got his last name

Thinking it’ll change him but he’s still the same

Old train wreck, with a paycheck

Gold digger

You’ll get fat, he’ll get bored and start cheating

Coming home late smelling like he’s been drinking

Bourbon and he ain’t worth it

Oh I hate to say that I told you so

...No, I don’t 


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