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Written by Sarah Beth Terry &

Benjy Gaither



No one knows what the future holds

I was gonna be somebody

But a few wrong turns and some bridges burned

Mistakes I made came back to haunt me

How’d I ever get to where I am

How’d I let it slip right through my hands


I was almost famous and I almost made it

But I faded out before I reached the stars

I was going places they knew what my name was

Now I’m lucky if they know me at the bar

They say here comes that super star

But I’ve forgotten what her name is

I was almost famous


I missed the dance

But there’s still a chance

Someone will still invite me

There’s a part of town

Where I bum around

And no one will recognize me

How’d I ever fall so far from grace

How did someone take my place


It’s a story everybody knows

To come this far and only get this close

Almost Famous, Acoustic

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