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In the wilds of Kentucky…was born a gifted extraordinary creature who never quite fit in.  She rebelled day one against the crap served up by society and called mandatory. With a long draw of a cigarette punctuated by a swig of aged Kentucky Bourbon or a swill of Ale 8 she looked at society and said impolitely…no.  She is both yin and yang.  Drawing from classic poetry, mountain witchcraft, and Bible totin’ preachers, she tests every boundary presented to the breaking point.  She writes songs with a depth and truth that challenge the listener to face their ugliest pain. To feel it. Scream it. And make it known without shame.  At the same time she will catch you off guard, laughing so hard at things that are hilarious and obvious but mostly overlooked.  Sarah Beth Terry doesn’t…overlook.  She sees.  We are all her subjects.  Even if she has never met you, she has written you.   Her songs sing invasively as if she has walked into your heart, your heartache or your bedroom.  Her pen is a night vision camera to your soul.  Her songs will be so on the mark you will find yourself looking around to see if anyone else knows she is singing about you.  But is she?  Or is she singing her own life?  Hard to tell.  That’s what makes her Sarah Beth Terry.  Don’t make the mistake of overlooking this obvious extraordinary because she doesn’t fit the glass slipper.  Glass slippers are all fairytales. Sarah Beth is real.  Unabashedly. Unapologetically. Real.  And after you have had real, nothing else will ever be enough. – Devon O’Day (Author, Hit Songwriter, and really cool Radio Chick)


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